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To The Reader

My name is Lucas Ludmon. If you're reading these notes, you've stumbled upon years of my own research in a field in which I like to consider myself a pioneer in.

Monsters. Of the female variant, to be precise.

My interest had been cultivated after years as the son of a tavern owner. I grew up moving empty mugs away from battered travelers, and among raunchy songs and the occasional rant about bandits I kept hearing their drunk stories about the magical creatures inhabiting the lands outside.

As someone who had never seen an inch of the world out of my hometown, these stories felt magical and inspiring. And confusing: most of the stories would talk about the exotic and dangerous looks of these monster; but more than a few would recall, with nostalgic eyes, what to them were the most beautiful female creatures they had laid their eyes upon, and the best pleasures of their tired lives.

The curiosity was killing me: as I grew up into a man, I had long decided that my life would be in the outer world, being able to see with my own eyes these fantastic creatures, and document my adventures with them. I woke up one day, walked out of my hometown: have been traveling on an adventure since then.

I have scorched my skin under the burning sun of the desert. I have lost myself in the most intricate woods. I climbed over the most arduous mountains. And all of this just to be able to spend some time -- intimate, if the Gods were generous that day -- with an inhuman female creature, and learning their customs and their ways of give and receive pleasure.

This book is a recalling of the monster girls I was lucky enough to meet during my travels. And I'm sharing it with you, my dear reader, to let you know of the wonders (and lust!) that lies in this magical world.


  • Monster Type: Arachne
  • Habitat: Caves
Open Diary Entry

After my rather unfortunate encounter with the Imp, sick and and battered by hours of walking without trial and without rest, I got caught in a severe storm, rain pouring down on my tired body. I found refuge in a nearby cave, facing the forest. I had no food, no water, and my belly was not happy about that. Sick, hungry and soaked, I lied on the hard rocks, shivering, until the sound of the rain brought me to sleep.

Usually, safety checks of a new place is second nature to me, but on that day exhaustion had taken over me. And as soon as I woke up, I realized it had been a dangerous oversight.

I was naked. A thick, elastic and surprisingly warm spiderweb was laid on top of my body. While it didn't trap me entirely, it limited my movements enough that it spiked my anxiety... Which only got worse as my eye caught something nimble moving in the darkness of the cave. I wanted to escape, but my body was stuck in place, paralyzed, affected by who knows what poison.

I thought my arrogant desire to explore the world had finally caught up with me and I was about to become food for some creature higher in the chain. When the monster revealed itself to be half spider, half woman, I also knew that my death would probably not be quick either, as they are usually known to keep their prisoners alive for a very long time.

The creature approached me, slowly. At first I thought it was going slow to enjoy my fear; but as she got closer, I started noticing, with confusion, that she was as scared of me as I was of her.

My confusion only increased when her quick, darting eyes and blushing face revealed her embarrassment. She never spoke, but she let out some concerned sounds. She slowly approached me, six long spider legs and two almost human ones, and noticing I was awake, she jumped back in surprise.

Then, confusion turned into shock, when she reached over carefully, and adjusted the web over me, like a mother adjusting the blanket to her sleeping child, just to quickly pull back and watch me from the darkness.

It was only at this point that I realized I wasn't actually paralyzed, nor was I trapped: the web, in fact, acted as a blanket. And not only that: it was one of the warmest and most comfortable blankets I had ever used in my life. I guess the shock had played tricks on my mind, and I believed I was already done for. I slowly pulled the web blanket back, and sat up.

Surprisingly late by my standards, I noticed that her human body had feminine and rather sensual features. I guess the stress had taken the better of my, well, research instincts.

As I relaxed, she did too. She approached me again, this time staying by my side and looking over me with a concerned look. Her breasts jiggled and her hips wiggled with each step, not to lure me in, but more as a side effect of her rather curious leg structure and movement. She dropped something next to me: it looked like some kind of desiccated meat, of dubious origin, probably something she manufactured from the critters that run through the cave. It didn't look appetizing, but my hunger bit hard enough that I took the chance: and, to my surprise, it was incredibly flavorful and pleasant. All the offerings she brought me I had chewed away a few minutes later.

The arachne watched me silently as I ate. When I smacked my lips in satisfaction, a smile appeared on her lips, revealing the way she actually saw me: not as a meal, but as tired guests that needed some hospitality. And hospitable she was indeed: I didn't know that was just the start of what she wanted to do to make me more comfortable.

She got much closer to me, kneeling to reach my eye level. I could see the pedipalps on the top of her head starting to move: I think she was smelling my human scent. She seemed to like it somehow, as her blush deepened on her face. Her eyes were rolling on my naked body, and her hip sway seemed to suggest a surprisingly human desire for intimacy.

I don't think I need to detail what happened later: let's just say that we enjoyed each other's intimate company for the time that followed.

A few hours later I left the cave, the sunlight hitting my face giving me new strength for the journey ahead. I had packed more dried meat that the arachne had generously offered me. I remember looking back in the cave: the arachne was there, in the penumbra. She stood there for a while. I heard a sigh, then she waved her hand: a sad farewell before disappearing in the darkness.

What a strange encounter: usually, lonely creatures seem to appreciate their independence. She, for once, seemed to crave someone else's presence, and she seemed eager to help me enjoy her presence; probably because I was the first in a very long time, at least judging from the passion she put in our time together.

The Sisters

  • Monster Type: Cyclop
  • Habitat: Forest
Open Diary Entry

I was lucky to find a trio of monster girls, so to find another trio so soon?! Egads! I was moving deeper in the forests looking for more study material, when I was suddenly ambushed by these little creatures. I could immediately spot the single eye of a Cyclop creature. They crossed my way, and they would have looked way more menacing, if it wasn't for their tiny size.

I was about to interact with them, when one of them run in my direction, blinking her big eye. I was surprised at first, but the surprise turned in shock when she jumped at me, opening her eye again. Only that now, instead of her big eye there was a massive jaw filled with sharp teeth! I pulled back, and her new mouth snapped just inches away from my head, before landing and turning in my direction, using the smell as guide.

Apparently these three ladies are a rare subspecies of Cyclops that I personally like to refer to as the “Jaw-clops.” As fascinating as this is to write this down now, back in the moment I was only thinking how that jaws could snap off my hand without effort.

The one that started attacking me had Red hair and is a real powerhouse. However, she is not the brightest seeing as her attack didn't seem to be well planned. Then one with Blue hair popped out and clapped her hands. It seems she’s the brains of the trio. The last, Green haired sister who was extremely agile and quick as she tied my legs in rope to make me trip, though it seemed she trusted Red to hold me off.

I did my best to hold off Red’s attacks, but when I used a piece of wood to block her bites, her teeth would cut through like knives through butter. This seemed like the end for me! But then Blue grabbed Red and force her to stop, leaving her to snap the air in frustration. Blue then sniffed me as if to get a good sense of me. She got Green and Red to huddle and seemed to communicate silently by exchanging eye contact. As far as I could tell, they were unable to use language, but that however didn't seem to stop them from finding a way to communicate. It also seems like they can’t talk and look at the same time.

Despite her lack of verbal expressions, I could tell where the discussion was centered about. Red seemed to be more interested in using me as food, at least from the way she seemed interested in digging her teeth in my flesh, but Green seemed to disagree. The final choice however was up to Blue, who seemed to choose to let me live, which let me give out a sigh of relief, as Red scowled at me. I didn't know yet the reason for their choice, but I would soon find out.

They brought me back at their makeshift home. It was well organized, and even without being able to ask them anything, I could tell that their organization and collaboration was paramount: because they couldn't see when they were with their jaws out, that meant they were more vulnerable, so it was indispensable for them to constantly help each other. They offered me what looked like cooked squirrel: I accepted it. Surprisingly enough, it was tasteful enough I could down the whole thing without a problem.

We ate and drank for the rest of the evening, around a small fire. Watching these little creatures doing their work was impressive. The three seem to depend on each other's skills, and make up for their weaknesses. A true bond between three sisters that seem unbreakable. I mean it’s amazing what they share together! They share the same food, home, room... Everything.

Then, surprisingly after giving Green my food, her eye seemed to look at me in a mellow way. Blue was doing the same. Even Red, which until now seemed to have only the desire to discover how I tasted like, was staring at me in a more intimate way. It then hit me: if they share everything, then they also share their love interests? Before I could even realize the craziness of the situation, Blue pulled me in for a kiss. It felt weird as I couldn’t tell if I was kissing her lips or her eyelids at this point... maybe both? Green and Red had shocked reactions and immediately charged in, Green quickly stealing me for a kiss, then Red doing so with extreme aggression as if trying to show dominance! Before I could even react or think, the trio pulled me onto the ground and... well.

The next morning, I’d find myself covered in lots of bites. Luckily they were love bites... Still, they were deep enough to hurt! As I began to prepare to continue my journey, the girls looked at me with very sad expressions. I was honest and told them that I had to go to complete my journey. They seemed saddened but nodded in agreement. They gave me one more hug, which I of course returned, and continued on my journey, waving farewell to the Jaw-clops sisters.


  • Monster Type: Dragon
  • Habitat: Great Plains/Woodland
  • Art and Design by Nickzilla2000
  • Story by fullmontis
Open Diary Entry

I consider myself an exception: most of the girls I listed in here are outcasts, creatures that only rarely interact with the human species (let alone mate with them!) and that are often rejected by human settlements. But there was a case in which a monster girl had a uniquely wholesome relationship with the humans she knew.

After I reached the Great Plains, I found some rest in Gondo, a small but rather well off village in the middle of prosperous pastures. I was rather surprised to see a place like this in these lands, as it wasn't rare to have monsters or bandits pillage and attack villages. The local tavern owner, an old and sympathetic lady was more than happy to answer my questions. And, as it often happens, the answers I got also helped me in my quest for bodacious monsters girls.

"It's thanks to Dozu," said the lady. Apparently, that is a dragon that has found home in these plains, and that has become friends with the locals. "You should be able to meet her later today," she mentions. "She usually comes around before sunset to grab some meatpie."

When sunset came, so did the dragon. Seeing her approach from afar was a humbling and beautiful vision: her multicolored wings expanded in a majestic wingspan. I stood at the entrance of the city with a dozen other locals. Dozu landed in front of us, raising a large cloud of dust. Then her wings closed, and a pretty, and surprisingly tall and feminine dragon, with large hips swaying on her sides, appeared in front of us.

As menacious her size seemed, her attitude from the first moment was pleasant, bordering on the adorable. The villagers approached her like a horde of happy children, grabbing her legs and greeting her with passion. She grabbed a handful of the people in a heartfelt hug, lifting them off the floor. She got offered meatpie, and her eyes sparkled with glee. I saw her munch on whole meatpies, one per hand, as the villagers were looking at her in awe.

She was halfway into the second one, when she finally noticed me. She blushed up immediately, dropped the food and approached me. "Oh my God, I'm so sorry," she said licking her fingers, in a voice that was rather high pitched, considered my face barely reached her bellybutton. "My name is Dozu." She squeezed me in a surprising pleasant hung, then we talked for a little while, getting to know each other.

As I mentioned my "research", she seemed immediately interested. "I didn't know there were men that did such a work!" She told me that she had to leave, but that she wanted to continue our conversation. "Do you want to come to my lair? I wouldn't mind a little company. Nights can get very lonely." My desire for knowledge pushed me to accept.

Of course it would be faster for me to fly with her. She said goodbye to the locals and grabbed a basket filled with more meatpies, then she kneeled, allowing me to sit on her back above her wings. Then she stood up and opened up her wings, flapping them against the ground. Soon enough, we were off and quickly gained air, as I was holding against her for my dear life against the strong opposing winds. "Please don't move around a lot," she mentioned, patting her prosperous legs. "Thanks to all these meatpies I end up having trouble balancing myself."

The flight had been one of the most incredible moments in my long adventures: being able to see the land from above, glancing from the distance at all the lands that I had just gone through, was a feeling I was barely able to contain. We landed not far from where we took off, a more reserved spot near the woods where a small valley formed the perfect place for a dragon like her to take some rest.

"I am sorry about my place," she said as we landed, going around and grabbing random stuff from the floor with an embarrassed look on her face. "I am not used to having guests here." From there, she let me sit on a corner of her place, as she laid on her side on the ground.

We talked for a while of different things. Her presence was one of the most attractive I had found in a long time, including even human girls. She mentioned how she started protecting the village a few generations earlier. "The locals were really nice to me, and their meatpies had always been special." She glances over to the basket she brought home, licking her lips. "I would do anything to protect those people. Whenever a handful of bandits wander in this area to pillage, I am quick to remind them about my presence." She snorted her nostrils, a scary line of fire bursting out of them.

Then her eyes mellowed out a little and a smile appeared on her lips, and her hand started rubbing against her monumental hips. "So, please tell me more about this research you are conducting."

Let's just say that from that moment on, our company has been pleasant in more than one way! I ended up spending a rather pleasant night at her lair. I just want to mention that, when being in the middle of this kind of stuff, it is always proper to remember to not get crushed under the beautiful weight of such a creature!

I am still in this village a week later, as I'm preparing to leave. It was a good time to restore my strenght a little. And let's just say that Dozu was more than eager to spend quality time for me. She teared up when I told I'd be leaving, but she also seemed to understand my need for adventure. This is probably the hardest time to say goodbye to a friend.

But the journey of an adventurer never ends... And that is both the positive and the negative of the lifestyle that I chose.


  • Monster Type: Dullahan
  • Habitat: ???
Open Diary Entry

Death isn’t an easy thing. No matter who you are, death will come for us all eventually. I was proven this after seeing a creature of death as the sun began to set. A woman riding a black horse, flames spewing from her neck... And holding her own severed head in her hand. That’s right, I’m of course speaking of the legendary Dullahan, the horseman (or woman) that, legend has it, only come to those who are about to die...

For this reason, I wasn't exactly pleased to meet this fearsome warrior as I was walking down a path in a midsummer night. Straddling her ferocious looking steed, she appeared behind me, barely visible in the darkness. I had to start running for dear life, right as her mighty horse began to charge at me.

But before I could even break a sweat, I felt a strange object wrap around my leg. It was a whip... A whip made of bones. And a whole human spine to be exact (or maybe even a few of them, consindering its reach). I was caught and tripped to the ground; I tried to unwrap the whip to no avail... She lept off her horse and stepped closer and closer to me. As she caught up to me, and while it was a very pleasant angle to see before my demise, I decided to do something. So I fainted on the spot.

After some time, I woke up, and it seemed like I was still breathing, which was more than I expected. And then I opened my eyes, just to find myself in a wagon lined with... Funeral items?

I was in the dullahan’s wagon! I tried to sneak out, but then I saw her caring for her horse, to which she saw me too. I was about to run, but she stopped me. She seemed relieved that I was alright, and, to my surprise, she bowed and apologized to me for the misunderstanding. She introduced herself as Fiona, and patted her horse's head. "Her name is Kieran," she mentioned.

After I had calmed down, Fiona explained she wasn’t actually after my soul, but just happened to see that I was getting tired from all the walking. When I asked why she attacked me, she blushed, as if she didn't want to make me feel bad by bringing up this point. "You were about to fall off a cliff,", she mentioned. Needless to say, I felt embarrassed that I had assumed bad intentions on her part. We ended up laughing about it afterwards and she was kind enough to take me to the nearby village that she was heading to. Considering the late hour, I accepted.

When we got to the village, people ran off screaming at her sigh. Understandable, seeing the headless guardian of death approaching. I could tell that she was uncomfortable, but she tried to brush it off saying this was a common occurrence. I asked her who was going to die, but before she could tell me, several guards came with weapons pointed at us. Or more specifically, at Fiona. She looked like she didn’t want to fight, but got ready anyway as she swung to reflect spears, her flames growing brighter. She eventually got hit by an arrow, causing her to drop her head. I could immediately assume from the panicked look on her fallen head that it was the only vulnerable part of her. As a soldier was about to smash her defenseless head with a club, I stepped in before it was too late. The club landed on my head instead, which wasn't exactly more resistant (I guess I just got involved in the moment). It was suddenly dark and silent.

I then woke up in a bed, to see her headless body, still, arms folded by my bedside. I noticed the head of Fiona on my side, her eyes closed and a slow, sleepful breath coming out of her nose. I was a bit surprised to see her there. She awoke soon after I did; noticing me awake, her body jolted up and hug me. "You dumb idiot", she said. She told me how she didn’t come to reap any souls and that she just wanted to enjoy the festival, since she doesn’t get to socialize much. The villagers must have believed her if I was crazy enough to take the blow for her.

I then looked into Fiona’s eyes... her looking into mine. And I think we were thinking the same thing... cause as I was about to kiss her, her body crashed right into me with clothes flying off. I again don’t need to go into too much detail here, but I can say that there are intimate perks with the headless feature.

The next morning, she was gone. Seems her normal hours in the living were up for now. I was left with a parchment by my pillow though saying, “I’ll be back for you soon.” A promise of new pleasures, or a reminder of my inevitable demise? Whether the case, that's up to you to decide.


  • Monster Type: Elemental
  • Habitat: Elemental Plane
  • Art and Design by RHappyFace
  • Story by fullmontis
Open Diary Entry

In one of my rare stays in a tavern, I exchanged pints with an old man that looked a lot wiser than he sounded. His name I forgot, something I wish I could say for his alcoholic breath. The heavy grimoire he had tied to his black robe like a backpack gave it away that he was a magician, and the way he was downing mug after mug told me that he was far off the austere path. As it usually happens, we ended up talking about women, and I told him about my exploration of the female world.

A grin appeared on his face that hinted at the start of a new adventure. "Have you ever copulated with a being from another plane?" I told him no, my desire for -- ahem -- "knowledge" piqued. I didn't even know it was possible; but he was quick to explain that through some ritual -- "which only me and a handful of other mages are able to perform", he boastfully specified --, it is possible to manifest elemental forces in a feminine body. "But it can't be perfomed alone", he specified, "as at least two people are needed for the ritual". Then he asked me, with a gleam in his eye: "Want to help me with it?"

The next morning, while the sun was still down, me and the old mage stopped in a clearing in the nearby woods, far enough from the village to not be disturbed during the ritual -- or, as I found out later, to avoid provoking more damage then necessary. I watched as he meticulously cleared the ground from debris, then he pulled out salt and his grimoire, and started drawing weird symbols on the ground, while chanting even less intelligible sounds from his black book. Unsure as to what to do, I stood by his side, until he quickly gestured me to approach him and chant after him, while standing on the edge of a circle of symbols on the ground.

For each new word we pronounced, the sky above us started clouding up and storming. I wanted to stop right away, an uneasy feeling growing in my stomach; but the chanting continued, until a lighting struck perfectly in the middle of the circle, just inches away from my shocked, but unarmed, face.

As my blinded vision started coming back, I could see someone floating just above our heads. It had the shape of a woman, but the energy that emanated from her was thick like that inside of a stormy cloud. I passingly approved of her perky nipples as she turned to look at the old man, a mere consolation as the realization that I was soon to die dropped on me like an ice cold bucket.

"You again!" The thundering voice that came out of her was veiled by disappointment, as was her face. "You annoying little pest. Why would you dare to disturb me, old man?" She crossed her arms, as if expecting an explanation. The old man continued chanting from his grimoire, as if trying to control the creature, but his voice quickly waned into silence as with a nod of her head the circle of salt on the ground exploded in a cloud.

"How dare you try and control me, sorcerer?" Her voice was full of anger. "I am Alitria. I am the daughter of Thunder, Earth and Fire. I shall not accept this insult any longer!"

He stared at me: his fearful eyes said everything I needed to know about the situation. His mouth spelled a four letter word, just a moment before his body crumpled on the ground like a piece of paper, along with a clean circle of grass around him, sinking in the ground one foot deep. I stared at his body sank in the earth, before looking up and having my blood chilled to the bone as my eyes met the elemental.

"Who are you?" She demanded. "You are not a mage. Why did you ask for my presence?" I tried answering, but no sound would come out.

She sighed. "I shall not waste my time in this low realm without anything in return. You!" She pointed her finger at me. "Undress."

In less than a breath my clothes were on the ground. I closed my eyes, promising myself I wouldn't mess with elementals again if I would ever come out alive from this. When I opened them again, the scorn gave way to surprise, and then a smile, on her face.

"I underestimated you, mortal. Your body pleases my feminine incarnation." She approached me, pressing her volluptous body against mine. My fear quickly dissiapted into pleasure as her touch became more intimate. "May as well make the best of this futile evocation, after all".

When we were done, she looked satisfied, just as much as I was spent. Let's just say that elementals demand just as much energy from their lovers as they are able to muster: and considering she's able to create thunder and fire with a snap of her fingers, my groin were rather exhausted in matching that kind of energy. Then, paying me a last kiss and a smile, she just dissolved in the aether, as suddenly as she had appeared. I was left me on the grass, naked and, unexpectedly, with breath in my lungs still. Shaking from head to toe from fear and exhaustion, I dressed up, and helped the old man out of the ground he had been buried in. He was beat up, but surprisingly he was still alive. He coughed up some grass, and smiled at me.

"Worth it, ain't it?"


  • Monster Type: Fairy
  • Habitat: Forest
Open Diary Entry

Alette was unique among most of my encounters. And not only because of her size, since she's definitely the smallest among all the monsters I met, just large enough to fit snuggly in a flower in full bloom as if it was a comfortable throne.

Since I have to hunt for most of my food, it is almost second nature for me to set traps to catch wild rabbits or squirrels. The little meat they provide is a lot of sustainance that I crave on my longer journeys.

One day, I reached the side of a sunlit hill in the middle of the forest. Perfect place for catching some rabbits. I was working to setup my traps near some promising holes in the ground, when something brushed lightly against my eyes, flurrying its wings before flying away.

I shook my head, surprised, as I thought of some insect that lost its way. I was about to continue, when the thing brushes against my face a second time. I let out a surprised lament, as for the third time it blinded me. Only as I fell with my butt on the grass, I realized what was that was hitting my face.

"Stop it!" A fairy, with a thin but surprisingly sharp voice, was dancing in front of my eyes. She was pouting, and I could see disappointment on her tiny face. "No traps on this hill. No traps!"

I explained that I needed to find something to eat. "No meat!" She complained again. "Don't touch my friends!"

I sighed. As much as I could fling her away with my fingers, I didn't want to be mean to her. I resigned myself to finding some tasteless roots for sustainance: but then, she hit me again in the eyes, to grab my attention.

"Follow me!" Then, without waiting for me, she started flying away, towards the nearby forest. I knew better about following creatures, especially ones I just met, but there was something about her presence that made me trust her. I followed her magic dust trail, shining in the sunlight, as we moved among the trees. We hadn't walk a minute when she stopped, and pointed at a nearby bush.

"There!" She said. "Grab one for me please. You can have as many as you want."

I looked at the plant she was excitingly flying around, a little disappointed: it looked like any other inedible bush I trip upon my journey.

"One of what? There is nothing there."

"Look closer!" She grabbed my finger and brought it in the middle of the bush. Surprised, just behind the tangle of green, I felt something plump and firm under my fingers. I pulled, and I saw a small black berry in my hand, of a kind I had never seen before. With a sigh of reluctance, I dropped it in my mouth.

Flavor like I had never tasted before detonated in my mouth. I let out an approving sound, as I helped myself to another bite.

"More, more! There's more inside. And one for Alette, please!"

I continued pulling out berries from the inside of that weird bush, stuffing my face with them. Alette grabbed one for herself, and started digging in it, with satisfied sounds.

I was full before I could even realize it. Alette flew around me with a smile. I had newly found respect for her, realizing that her knowledge of the place was much deeper than I could have even imagined.

My belly full, I decided to follow her around for a little while, out of curiosity. She didn't seem to mind my company. I quickly noticed her fondness for flowers: whenever we would pass by a flower, she would approach it, study it with attention for a very long time. A few times, she almost seemed lost in pure admiration.

"Here!" She said, pointing at a orange tinted flower. "Smell it."

I obeyed, curious. I immerged my nose in the flower, and inhaled. It was as if I had just stuck my nose in the butt of a pig. I pulled back, disgusted, as Alette flew around me, her tiny, cristalline laugh dancing from ear to ear.

I ended up becoming good friends with Alette, even if for a short while. I stayed on the hill for another day to rest, enjoying the pleasantly tasty new fruits and leaves that she helped me find -- although I became wary about sniffing any more flowers she got near to. We watched the night sky above after the sun set, her magical dust adding shine to the bright starfield.

When I had to leave, we were both sad. We didn't say anything; she just hugged my neck and gave me a light kiss. Then she flew away, up in the sky, as I moved into the forest, with a heart that was both lighter and heavier than when I arrived at that hill.


  • Monster Type: Goblin
  • Habitat: Woods
Open Diary Entry

As I continued my journey, I found myself running low on supplies, especially healing and some endurance potions. Luckily I came across a nearby town that should have what I’m in need of... Or at least that’s what I hoped for. Turns out some of these villages like to sell potions at a hefty price, even though they aren’t of good quality. Such a shame. Luckily for me, a few of the locals told me of a potion maker who sells potions for a decent price and are way better. I had to see this for myself.

Oddly enough this potion maker seems to live out in the woods. Does she just not like people or something? And then it hit me! Or should I say she hit me: a feisty goblin girl with what appear to be potions tied into her hair! She seemed feral at first, growling in a defensive pose, but seemed to realize quickly that I wasn't dangerous, so she flipped back cautiously. She definitely didn’t trust me, but seemed to understand that there must have been some misunderstanding between us. I wasn’t too sure as I found one of her potions dripping on my head... which made me pass out.

Soon enough, I found myself in what seemed to be a little hut. Inside was a small nest like bed, a small fireplace, and a table full of potion making kits. Was I in the potion makers home? Then I found my new goblin friend, who I learned to be Egruda, entering with... Eels? And to my surprise, I found the popular potion maker after all.

She apologized with a pout for what happened to me, since apparently one of her poison bottles broke onto my head, causing me to go unconscious. She was easy enough to clean me up, which made me worried about her own safety, but luckily goblins have an incredible immunity to poisons, so she’s used to working with them easily with no issues. Was it even nice enough to cook up some eels to help me regain my energy, and can I refuse an apology meal from a lovely gob-girl? Apparently eels have oils that Egruda uses for her potions... and they taste amazing too surprisingly!

As we ate, she would grab potions and sip them. Odd to say the least, but apparently she likes testing her potions on herself. Plus she was making sure she got actual healing potions and not anymore poisons to give me to heal. And by the gods do they work wonders! It was like I was a new man! Honestly it’s a wonder people don’t come to her often, but then again, she doesn’t seem to have much common sense seeing as she attacked a random stranger, drinks her own products, and ties the bottles onto her own hair. I mean it's a very attractive trait not gonna lie. Plus it’s not like she doesn’t go to town from time to time, but I’m sure a solitary creature like her would prefer to stay out here and stay clear of crowds of people.

Though the nice chat would soon be interrupted after the healing and eating is done. Apparently she’s been keeping tabs on payment that I owe... I asked her what she was talking about.

"You broke a poison bottle, ate my food, took time away from my potion making, and enjoyed my samples!" She said, listing each point on her fingers.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! I was flabbergasted, angry, yet very impressed with her ethics and skills in math. But to make things worse, I apparently lost my gold pouch! I was so screwed! And not in a good way!

I explained that I didn’t have any gold, which seemed to annoy her a bit. Luckily she does trades for goods and even more bottles for her potions... which seems strange to give a potion bottle just to get another, but I’ll be here all day thinking about it if I don’t figure a plan out! I didn’t really have much to trade with her... then I noticed her looking down towards my lower area. I was a bit curious at first, but apparently she would be willing to clear my debts if she could have some... “Human samples”.

Now, honestly, this seems like a strange form of payment. But I can only see advantages about this alternative; and so we let the “trading” commence.

After basically about a day or two of “trading” and “negotiating”, I was able to clear my debt to Egruda and even get some potions in case I needed some healing along this journey of mine. Before I left, she gave me a peck on the cheek, causing her to blush. Adorable. She told me that I’ll have to come back to her shop to get some more potions if I need them. And after our little “transaction”, I will definitely have to keep that offer in mind.


  • Monster Type: Harpy
  • Habitat: Mountains
Open Diary Entry

I don’t know how, but I somehow traveled from the forest area that Nali lives in all the way up to this cold mountain side. Like how in the Gods' names did this happen?. Well either way, I was going to freeze to death if I didn’t find my way down soon. Sadly it seemed the path only went higher and higher.

Before I passed out, I thought I saw wings flying towards me... Seems that the angels would finally claim me. Yes. I’m ready, beautiful angels, take me in for my sexy reward!

Sadly, that was not the case. But silver lining, it seemed that I had survived. Though for how much longer, I’m not sure. So when I woke up, I found myself in some caves. Though unlike the Arachne’s cave where I found myself laying in a web bed... I found myself in a nest. A nest full of eggs.

As soon as I stepped out, I was greeted by several peering eyes, as I found myself face to face with the bird-like creatures known as Harpies. Each one with lovely feathers that look like several birds we know. Before I could properly say anything, some harpies grabbed me by my bag with their eagle-like talons and took me to what I gather to be some sort of throne room, where I’d come to face a majestic beauty that is Queen Enderika.

Her feathers were beautiful shades of red, and appeared taller than the other harpies... Plus the fact that she was naked with the exception of her necklace and some strange golden band on her left foot. She was also protected by what I’m guessing were her royal guards, who were wearing beautiful white dresses. Probably to let the queen’s beauty be the focus, not that she needs them too.

I was expecting some sort of queenly personality that claims her to be better, but she was actually calm and peaceful. Even apologized if I was frightened. Apparently some of the hunters found me and brought me back to their kingdom, using their bodies to warm me up till I recovered. Definitely happy about that for sure.

I was explaining how I was on a quest to study monster girls, but as I got closer, the guards let out a high pitched screech that made me cover my ears as tight as I could. Fortunately, Enderika got them to stop. Honestly gotta appreciate their dedication to protecting their queen

After that, the harpy queen offered to show me around the kingdom. How could I turn down an opportunity to see the kingdom? It’s truly amazing how this kingdom works. While some harpies go hunting for food, some of the soldiers help keep them safe, thanks to their chainmail armor and knifed up talons

The queen explained to me how she lived for centuries and thus was able to keep her people safe and flourished. Centuries old?. And yet she doesn’t look a day over Thirty. And soon We find ourselves in a nest that seemed to be nicely secluded from the others, where I was treated to some of her lovely singing voice.

I told her that it was nothing I’ve ever heard before and that I couldn’t get enough of it. She wrapped her feathers around me and whispered to me that she needed some more eggs to lay soon and that she hasn’t seen a naked human before either, wanting to see what beings without feathers look like.

I liked where this was going.

And with her naked body pressing up against me... Yeah, I was really liking where this was going. Now of course I can’t go into too much detail, but the nest was shaking a lot that night, along with high pitched screeches of pleasure in the air.

I woke up later near the base of the mountain, my clothes acting as my blankets and my bag the pillow. I seemed to have gotten some scratches, which honestly, completely worth it. After I got dressed, I found a beautiful red feather, which I contemplated for a while, before putting it in my bag of treasures. A nice memento to remember this journey.


  • Monster Type: Harpyquinn
  • Habitat: Woods
Open Diary Entry

I’m not exactly sure how to feel about this entry. Not that she isn’t attractive or anything. However, I hadn’t known of the danger I could have been in with her. For you see, Avelyn is not as she seems. I encountered her in the owl-folk kingdom, where she is the court jester for the Owl king. However, this was a facade. For this being was actually an assassin and a self proclaimed Harpyquinn.

Now for those who are unaware, Owl-folks are very similar to harpies, only they appear mostly human with their wings connected to them. Their eyesight is enhanced and can see in the dark, razor sharp talons, and can turn their heads 270 degrees, these folks can be gruesome killers. And for Avelyn, she is living proof of this. And yet I’m not exactly sure why she calls herself a Harpyquinn when the owl traits are obvious... But let's keep it at that.

See, the Owl king decided to have a feast to celebrate his birthday, which only the nobles could go to. I figured I’d sneak in and see how the Owl-folks celebrate such things... And maybe meet a hot owl lady! But getting in was not going to be easy, especially since this was a private event. Luckily, a woman in jester clothes came to me and snuck me in. This woman I have never met before managed to get me in. I thanked her and asked her why, only to get a strange stare from her before leaving. Odd for sure, but I was in.

It was quite the elaborate party too in all honesty. Lots of food and laughter filled the halls of this castle. And of course the king, feeling festive, called for the court jester. And to my surprise, was the girl who helped me sneak in, who I’ll soon learn to be the Harpyquinn herself.

She was very nimble and flexible with her dances and even cracked a few jokes that even made the snobs laugh at. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her for even a second. Especially when she threw a dagger at the king, killing him almost instantly. Well that’s one way to end a party. Everyone began to panic and run in terror, while guards tried to capture her. I don’t know what possessed me to do this, but I ended up taking her hand and bravely led her away from the crowd.

Sadly my gesture was met with some hostility as she seemed to be distrusting of me. Though reminding her that she helped me earlier seemed to set her mind at ease, thus allowing us to escape. Won’t get into all the details on this, but just know we made it out safely.

After narrowly escaping the authorities, I finally scolded the assassin for what could drive her to cause such a heinous crime! We bickered for a bit and she threatened to kill me, which I respectfully reminded her that I saved her life. After a bit of arguing, we agreed to continue our escape from the city for good measure. We even found proper disguises, which she seemed surprisingly impressed by.

As we made our way out of the city. She explained to me the reason she was out here was for a job that could save her childhood friend’s life. I can’t go into too much detail, but her friend Emyl was in a sort of accident that left them crippled and disfigured. She was abandoned as a child so she couldn’t just leave her friend like others had, thus signing contracts as an assassin to keep her friend alive. And after this, will set them for life.

I can’t say I agree with these methods... but I can’t blame her either. I told her that as long as she and her friend can stay safe, then that’s all that’s important and that they should go somewhere where no one will find them. She looked at me in curiosity. Guess she hasn’t had anyone think or consider her well being.

We finally made our way out and made it to the forest. Here, she’ll have better cover to fly to safety. But oddly enough before leaving, she said she wanted to thank me for helping her out. She’s adorable when her shy side emerges. But before I could say anything else, she pushed me into some nearby bushes to show her gratitude. I then woke up to find myself in the bushes still and my trousers removed. Seems she left for her friend. As I continued my journey, I had a strange feeling that I was being watched from then on.


  • Monster Type: Hydra
  • Habitat: Rock Mountains
  • Art and Design by reer
  • Story by fullmontis
Open Diary Entry

I've mentioned many times how, as pleasurable a lot of my "research" has been, there have been encounters scary enough to instill doubt in my passion for this project. And while many of the encounters have been extremely dangerous, none have struck fear in my soul as much as the Hydra.

The desert had finally come to an end, leaving place to dusty rocks and dry land and the first timid appearances of vegetation. I could finally find rest under the shade of these monumental stones, catching up the energies that had evaporated in the long walks in the hot sun.

It was then, that I felt a presence. I turned around, just to see a dark figure disappearing in a crack in the rock I was sitting upon. I immediately tensed up: maybe the sun had been playing tricks on my mind, but the size of the thing that just disappeared was much larger than me, and I was pretty sure I had spotted more than one head.

A female giggle among the rocks didn't ease my anguish. My blood chilled in the scorching air: seems like I had again fallen in the lair of some creature. My dumb excitement was burning up, holding back the survival instincts that were screaming to me to leave this place.

I looked around, paranoid. I then saw burning eyes looking at me from the darkness. Even with my mind obfuscated by fear, I could tell that there were more than one pair of eyes looking at me.

"Hey!" I called out at the figure. I knew that if it had ill intentions, I would probably woldn't still be alive, but that didn't quench the weight that had fallen on my stomach.

A giggle echoed against the walls of the rocks. Then, the burning eyes emerged from the shade, showing the heads they belonged to. Three, to be exact, all with different features but all attached to the same body, which was crawling on all fours in my direction. Then, she stood up, clawing at the wall.

She was massive: even if I stood up, she would still tower an arm and a finger above me. Her three head stared at me with surprisingly contrasting emotions: excited, hungry, and embarrassed.

Her body was definitely female. And well endowed, to the point where I could feel movement in my pants despite the dangerous nature of the encounter. And despite the rather menacing looks the snake heads on her back were sending my way, moving around their heads in circles, the human heads were staring at me with a more than interested look.

She approached me, and leaned in my direction. I just stared in her eyes, trying to push away the instinct of running away. Her generous breasts, hanging from her chest, were dancing in front of my eyes.

Then, one of the heads smiled at me. She looked at the other heads, who seemed to share the same sentiment. I was almost certain the creature was about to eat me, but instead, she kneeled in front of me, and started running her hand on my chest.

As absurd as that way, they seemed attracted to me.

I don't know if it was because I was the first male creature that was in the area, or there were strange mating rituals this monster girl had to go through. I just knew that she seemed to enjoy the touch of our skins.

I gulped. A gleam in their eyes suggested me that their intentions were more carnal in nature than I though. To be fair, as much as there was a part of me that was sexually curious about the whole situation, my largest feeling was just to get up and run away from that frightening encounter.

Their hands then ripped my shirt open, and their faces were apparently hungry for some physical contant. At that point I was both scared and excited about adding this new experience to my diary, but then something happened that changed the course of events.

The snake heads on their back were to this point just staring at me, moving hypnotically in the air. I had relaxed to the point where I wasn't focusing on them anymore, but they had still remained active in my peripheral vision. But then, as the heat of the encounter grew, one of the snake heads moved towards me, and snapped their mouth right next to my ear. And with that, I snapped out of it too.

Now, writing this down with a cold mind, I realize that was just an excited reaction to the approaching intimacy. But at that moment, my mind was too engulfed in the situation to think rationally. The hydra was above me, ready to taste my body with their excited mouths, and all I could see was her trying to eat me alive.

I swished out of her hold, leaving behind my shirt, which she was holding in her hands, confused. We looked at each other for a moment; then, I grabbed my stuff from the floor, and ran away as fast as my feet let me. I only stopped running when my breath was cutting through my chest like a blade. When I turned around, half expeting her to have followed me, I only saw dust and rocks and the approaching forest at the feet of the mountain.

I caught my breath, and I cursed as I adjusted my bag on my naked shoulders, going back to my journey. Relief and regret flooded my heart in equal parts, knowing that I lost a once in a lifetime chance of studying the sexual habits -- and skills -- of an Hydra.


  • Monster Type: Imp
  • Habitat: Hell
Open Diary Entry

Despite what you may think from what you've read so far, the girl's intentions aren't always pleasant (at least not right away). And in this case it was downright dangerous, and it ended up leaving me hanging for my own dear life, an ironic conclusion considering how it all started.

I was fighting to progress in a surprisingly thick section of the northern forest near the Great River. I had to wack branches away left and right to advance even a few steps. For this reason, when I heard a female voice calling for help and a small struggling figure entered my view, I immediately thought of someone that got tangled in the vicious tightness of the trees.

Looking back, it was a rather suspicious setup: I immediately noticed this imp bent forward, hanging from a tree, vines tangled around her wrists and legs, and branches pinching away the already scant clothing. Her booty was generously exposed to me, a beautiful red moon in a prison of green.

As soon as I came in her view, she smiled, and she wiggled her behind sensually.

"Ohh! Help me, dear adventurer. You look so strong and healthy! Help poor Punky get free!" Her tone was so melodramatic it almost felt like she was mocking me, in hindsight. However, her setup was carefully planned: with her bottom in plain view and her clothes struggling to contain her feminine bits, my attention waned a few times, caught in the plump beauty she was proudly exposing. I was shaking my head to keep focus and try to find a way to get her free; however, the way she sensually arched her back and moaned every time I touched her only made it more difficult to keep my focus.

It was only when it was too late that I noticed her broken horn: a viscous and bright fluid dripped out of it on the branches, and wherever it touched it would fizzle and bubble up. It was only then that I noticed her smirking at me, and her tail hit hard on my leg.

I pushed back, and stumbled on my feet, soon falling with my back against a trunk. While my body retained sensibility, it was as like I couldn't move a single muscle without immense effort. It was as if I had been stuck in a jar of molasses. The imp, on her side, nonchalantly dropped the vines that she pretended to be trapped with, and walked in my direction, swinging her hips and waggling her tail, poison dropping from the tip.

"Didn't get lucky today, it seems," she said, with a pout and her arms crossed against her chest. "Just a poor adventurer. You don't look like you have a lot of gold on you." She then approached me, and started caressing my shoulders. "Well, maybe I can still have a little fun with you, I guess..."

She ripped my shirt open, and started dragging her tail along my chest. She moaned, as more poison dripped from the tip of the tail: it shivered, as its touch with my skin was exciting her. Then her tail started rolling down my pants. And well... Let's just say that her tail is very skilled, in more ways than it appears.

It was quickly over, and she seemed to have enjoyed it just as much as me. But of course, for me the pleasure was over: as I was stuck on the ground, my body weighting like a thousand bricks, I saw her pull out her tongue to me mockingly, caressing me, then oening up my bag and snatching all the gold and food that I had left in there (luckily for me, she didn't know that this diary was by far my most treasured possession). Then she kissed me on the lips, and waved me goodbye, before disappearing among the trees.

I won't go in details of the aftermath of the poisoning: I will just mention that it wasn't pleasant. It took me hours before I was able to move properly, and even then I remained nauseous for days after the incident. I was lucky honestly to come out of this with just a scar on my leg. I may have lost this encounter, but I got a lesson in return.

That tails may have a lot more uses than I might have thought before...


  • Monster Type: Kitsune
  • Habitat: Mountains
Open Diary Entry

I was rather exhausted by the prior day’s experiences, as well as the amount of traveling I still had to do. The weather was even beginning to bite some. As luck would have it, I encountered a shrine near the base of the mountainside.

It was quiet. No lights, no sound aside from the wind. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to take a quick rest, so I entered, hoping to rest a bit and clean myself up. While attending to myself, I felt a pair of eyes on me.

I looked over, to see a tall shrine maiden peering at me with curiosity, with eyes that almost seemed to glow turquoise. I apologized for intruding, though she merely silently stepped forward to relieve me of some of my bags. The air was cold, but as she approached, a certain warmth seemed to enshroud her. She bade me indoors, noticing how weary I was.

In hindsight, I should have seen that something was amiss, but something lured me in and made me lower my guard. The doors slid shut behind me, as the room fell dark. As she turned to face me, I noticed her eyes once more peering at me. They definitely were glowing, the light bouncing off the lenses of her glasses. The glow was soon joined by some soft, flame-like flickering, like three light-blue torches. This illuminated the room a bit more as the maiden stepped forward, revealing three vulpine tails with tips that danced of flame, and a set of ears that previously had been invisible to me. Motes of heatless fire materialized and vanished about her.

Part of me wanted to run, but something called to me to stay. I think maybe I was enchanted by her, but I don’t think that would have changed much. My mind raced. Kitsune weren’t known to be malicious, though kumiho could be another story. Still, should I survive, this research would be useful regardless.

She drew me further inside, insisting I lie down and rest with her; I couldn’t help but oblige. Her outer attire was loose, seemingly intentionally, as she was fond of teasing me as she moved to caress my head. Before I knew it, I was being undressed bit by bit, as she gradually doffed her attire as well. Charms or no, her figure was absolutely enchanting.

I noticed beneath her sheer underclothes that there were talismans covering some more... sensitive parts of her body. Were those meant to be enticing? Or were they a source of her power? She noticed my gaze and explained that they were to keep her power contained. That seemed... suspicious. A seed of doubt formed in my mind.

Before I knew it she had gently drifted to a position on top of me, her tails forming cushions to either side, as we were both bare. The flames on the tip lapped at my skin, but they didn’t burn. She sultrily commented she’d make sure we stayed warm for the evening. I couldn’t tell if that was some literal kitsune magic or just a euphemism. But, things were warm and comfortable, my heart was racing, and the thought crossed my mind: maybe I should stay here.

That thought didn’t quite feel like my own, though, and I became somewhat more alert, not wanting to lose myself to the pleasure. I didn’t feel any weaker. My mind went back to the talismans: they stayed on her breasts as we grew more intimate. Was what she said earlier a trick? Was she merely biding her time to finish me off? I had to know; I had to act.

At one point, while her eyes closed, I reached up and removed a talisman. She paused, the expression of joy vanishing from her face as she stared at me in disbelief, and then panicked. Immediately thereafter, there was a puff of what seemed like steam, and as my vision refocused, I saw her: instead of the tall, voluptuous figure from before, there was now one that was over a foot shorter. The flames extinguished from her tails, as they puffed up nervously, her face turning red to match. She was staring down aghast at her much-reduced chest, before she scrambled off of me with a shriek to immediately begin berating me, partially hiding herself behind her tails.

As adorable as she was, I flipped to my knees and turned my head down so I could apologize profusely. I explained my fears as best I could. She replied by saying I should be left to freeze outside, as at least then I’d be useful for starving crows. Though, after a pause, she cited that I was lucky for a reason I couldn’t quite make out, and offered a bit more of an explanation.

I’ve never heard of a case such as hers before; kitsune gain an additional tail for each 100 years they live, so she was at least 300, though a strange disorder made it difficult for her to keep in her magic levels that would match . The talismans I had removed were seals to keep her powers from escaping. She also explained that my prior fears were unfounded–while kitsune were also able to take life energy from mortals, any energy she “borrowed” from me should rapidly be replenished. She’s never actually (irreparably) harmed any mortal before.

Fortunately, there was a way for me to make it up to her, and it simply involved spending the remainder of the night at the shrine. Thanks to some new talismans and to my, as she put it, high vitality, by the time I left in the morning she was back to her voluptuous self, while I felt energized and ready to continue on my way.

Part of me honestly wanted to genuinely stay at the shrine a little while longer, but whatever lure had led me inside and had originally put that thought in my head was definitely gone, replaced with a kind but firm request to leave.

The Tribe

  • Monster Type: Kobold
  • Habitat: Forest
Open Diary Entry

Shortly after my encounter with the kitsune, I went back into the woods to continue my journey -- and hopefully find more females to help with my research and provide, uh... “empirical data”. Just a few hours passed before I felt something watching me from the trees. Was it the Harpyquinn? Did she follow me after all? Or was it something else? I couldn’t figure the exact feeling I had at that moment, but it was clear something was off, and experience taught me to not lower my guard.

I can’t recall how long it was that I walked but the forest seemed like it went on forever. I could’ve sworn that I should’ve arrived to a pond or at least to the base of a hill by then. Distracted by these thoughts, a chilling realization hit me: the forest had been silent this whole time. And that was a telltale sign that something was plotting against me. How didn’t I notice earlier?

Panic took over. I started running, but as soon as I did, I could hear behind me rumblings among the leaves of the trees and the sound of branches cracking on the soil. Something really was chasing me. I kept running through the endless forest, as the light of day faded the deeper I got, and I thought I saw a pair of big red eyes in the distance as I desperately tried to get a glimpse of whatever was chasing me. A wicked laughter started to echo through the air, soon joined by more laughing as the chase went on.

It all eventually came to a head, as I got cornered on a cliff side, with no way to run to as the laughter and cracking seemed to come from all directions. Sweat ran cold in my back as they came closer and closer, those burning red eyes following along, until a sudden explosion of fire emerged from the creeping darkness. My eyes couldn’t believe what appeared in front of me: a snake made of fire was burning violently and coming to my direction, taking on scarily beautiful iridescent colors, and I could’ve sworn I saw some kind of small creature riding it; but the fire was so intense and the danger so sudden I didn't have time to confirm. My body, tired and stressed by all the sudden events, gave up: I fainted on the grass. But as I did, I heard a different laughter, not the dark echoes of before but a raspy and high-pitched rascal laughter.

When I woke up I was outside of the forest, and besides the soreness of my body and all my stuff missing after the chase, I didn’t feel like I was hurt. I was thankful but surprised of having survived such an onslaught, at least until I realized I couldn’t move my limbs: I was tied on the ground from all limbs. My mind had barely any time to start processing what happened before I heard many steps approaching. Who was there? One set of steps stopped right next to me, and something proudly showed itself. Or should I say: “herself”.

A kind of strange, scaly being was right next to me, looking at me with huge burning red eyes. Not quite a lizard: she didn’t seem taller than a bush, but had quite the endowed hips adorned with a sheer loincloth. She donned a feathered sort of crown, and in her face a strange smile showed many sharp fangs. She lifted her hand, with a bizarre arm longer than her own torso, with equally long fingers and claws that looked really sharp, and moved it closer to me.

I was certain she’d rip my face off, but instead I felt a tender touch and caressing. Her skin was incredibly soft and smooth, and I just couldn’t believe it. Her hand moved from my face to my torso, cutting the shirt with her claws as her fingers made their way lower. I realized: she was checking on me and I was going be part of some kind of ritual. She stopped short from the groin however, as she called out in a tongue I couldn’t understand, and more tiny steps came our way. She looked back at me, her expression turned into one of lustful excitement.

Something moved right below me, cracks and turning of gears were heard as I was being lifted and got a better view of the congregation, and after seeing the miniature naked figures waiting in front of me, I realized what I had stumbled upon: I was kept captive by a tribe of kobolds, female kobolds no less. Such a rare happening! I knew Kobolds are loners and having tribes is not unheard of, but seeing a tribe so close was rare, let alone one with many different types together! I ended up raised at an angle as the kobold, which I think was their queen, went forward tip-toeing with grace and a really sensual cadence, and gave a short speech I couldn’t understand, but the others cheered.

She roared, and more fiery looking kobolds rode on those fire snakes and shoot out fire to the sky, in an incredible spectacle of lights and explosions. The queen soon undid what was left of my clothing in one swift swipe, all of my body hanging and exposed to a myriad of eager red eyes. The rest of the congregation came increasingly closer, as she got into a comfortable position, unable to contain herself anymore, and whispered to my ear: “Breed”.

Needless to say, I was... pleasantly busy for a couple of days.

They released me after they were done with their ritual, though the queen stayed with me for a while longer. After she got her fill, she commanded her maids to bring my stuff and some new clothes, which they did with their trademark precision and efficiency. None of them ever spoke the human language, but their queen did speak some words.

As I was departing, the queen apologized for the prank her girls did on me and told me she’d “find me” as the rest of the tribe was waving a farewell. I wish I could’ve known their names...

An oddly fortunate encounter indeed: not only I was able to gather first hand knowledge on the odd harem-like rituals of these fascinating creatures; but I also found out that ropes and binds, well... Definitely add something to the "exchange".

The Witch Doctor

  • Monster Type: Lamia
  • Habitat: Desert
  • Art and Design by paperskinned
  • Story by paperskinned
Open Diary Entry

I had heard rumors of a small village in the desert that harbored a witch doctor and I was curious about this individual. Perhaps they knew about the variety of monsters that lived in the desolate no-man's land. I had also heard rumors they sold various potions and even something called 'snake oil.' I set about finding this fellow scholar and made my way to the village. It was a long journey away from the usual roads I had previously traveled. Miles out into the rocky and sandy wastes.

Upon arrival in the evening, the village could only point me to the trading post; apparently they were the only place that dealt with the good doctor. I took the opportunity to refill my supplies while the shopkeep filled me in on the whereabouts of this person. In return for the information, they asked me to deliver a package to the doctor on their behalf. I thanked them and left shortly after. She told me it was half a day's walk along an old dusty trail, so I wasted no time. Tired as I was from my journey so far, if I walked through the night I could hope to arrive by morning.

I had arrived in the early dawn, having stumbled across the house described to me. It was a round, adobe brick dwelling, an oval dome with a chimney, partially built into a cliff above. And laying across the roof of said dwelling, I could see the silhouette of a person's head and shoulders, just on the other side. The sun was too bright behind them so I walked around to introduce myself.

No one had told me the good doctor was a woman. Or a lamia, for that matter.

I tripped on what I thought was a piece of firewood perhaps. No sooner than I had hit the ground I heard a shriek and a heart stopping rattle. I could only stare.

The woman on the roof above me was beautifully tanned, her long hair ended in white. She had beautiful, golden eyes to match, though they were contorted into a menacing glare. I blushed as I couldn't help but catch a glimpse of her naked body before my eyes trailed lower. And lower. And lower. Her hands quickly covered her most personal regions but my gaze quickly traced her lower body back to my own feet where I had tripped.

She had a long, heavily scaled body. A snake's body. The tans and browns made diamond patterns that trailed from her human back near to the tail. The black and white scales of which were furiously ringing my ears as her surprised outrage was directed at me. I was scared.

She quickly coiled around herself with an impressive speed, doing everything to cover up. She slithered up and over the roof to the side I had come from. I sat in the dirt a moment before I got the nerve to get up and go back around.

She had found a ridiculously large hat to put on top of her head in the short time it took to round her house. It was straw presumably, tattered and old but it was large enough to allow her to wrap up underneath it, her tail still shaking. Warning me to not approach.

I slowly opened my travel pouch and removed the package I was carrying for her. Trying not to look at her directly, I held it out for her and told her I wasn't there to harm her, only a traveler and looking for the witch doctor.

For a long while, she only glared out at me from beneath her hat's brim. However, she eventually crawled her way towards me to take the item. And as I gave it to her, she swiftly tore my clothing away from my frightened body with her other hand. The speed took me by complete surprise. We were both naked in the morning light.

It shames me that I was quite... Distracted, in spite of the danger I seemed to be in. My lower half was betraying my interest in her body. It was her turn to blush before she stammered something about being even and something else like an apology. Embarrassment got the better of her and she couldn't look me in the eye before fleeing inside her home. She did look down though. Repeatedly.

Eventually, she waved a hand out the doorway to invite me inside. I couldn't help but wander over...

It turns out this 'snake oil' is a special tanning lotion she makes. Apparently it's also good for 'personal' use. After a couple more nights, I think I'll explore this desert region some more. I've rather enjoyed my time spent...learning from the good doctor.


  • Monster Type: Mermaid
  • Habitat: Ocean
Open Diary Entry

Today I decided to go to the beach, seeing how nice and warm the air was. Little did I know that a large storm was incoming. The waves startep to pick up, and I was in a bad spot seeing as the wave ended up swallowing me.

As I sank in the waters, I pondered if this is how I was to die. If it is, I would have preferred to die from a giant kissing my breath away or a ghost girl possession. But guess that wasn’t meant to be.

Then it happened. As the last bit of air escaped my mouth, something soft pressed against my lips, giving me life again. I could breathe again! Sorry angels, but I still got some life left in me.

I soon woke up on the sandy beach, and instinctively looked around for my savior. I wasn’t having any luck until I saw a being with green skin, shells in her smooth seaweed-like hair, and... A fish tail? I- I can’t believe it. I got saved by a Mermaid!

She went back to hiding under the water, mistaking my excited shout as a sign of panic and attack, but I called her back and clarified to her that I had no intention of harming her. After that, she seemed to come out of hiding and seemed to slowly become talkative to me. I told her how much of a hero she was for saving me, resulting in her blushing and telling me to stop in a teasing manner. Seems like mermaids really do love being praised.

We chatted for a long while, to the point our stomachs began to growl. Luckily as a mermaid, she can catch fish easily thanks to her own fish tail. Once she dived in, I waited for what felt like almost an hour before she came back up with two huge colorful fish. Can she eat all that?. But she told me that the bigger and colorful they are, the better it tastes. Took a bit of cooking, but she was definitely right on the coin there.

We talked and laughed some more, and I feel we made an honest connection. She took my hand and led me back into the water. She plucked a peculiar bubble-like plant that acted as a mask to help me breathe underwater, thus able to lead me to an underwater cove. Feels oddly familiar.

It was filled with so many amazing things, and some lesser items, but I’m not going to judge Serene’s tastes in treasure. She showed me some of her items with great pride like a little kid happy with their precious dolls. She did seem irritated when I grabbed an old ring, but seemed to calm down when I put it back in its rightful spot.

She blushed and held my hand, causing me to blush too. We embraced and sank to the ocean floor. Lots of sand floating up for a bit.

I later emerged from the water like I was reborn from pleasure. Serene soon emerged as well and laid on the sand with me for a nice beach cuddling after the swim. And what a swim it was! Best one I ever had. Will definitely have to come swimming here again at some point.


  • Monster Type: Mimic
  • Habitat: Dungeons
Open Diary Entry

I hate going through dungeons. They’re cold, spooky, and could be home to some dangerous monsters (not the hot-and-dangerous kind, the actually dangerous one). But they do at times have their occasions of usefulness. Some of these uses could be valuable treasures, new items, and, if lucky enough, a monster girl to meet. And depending how you see it, I managed to find all three in one. I say this because I made a lucky find with a large chest. Granted it seemed kind of too easy of a find seeing as it's in the middle of the room. But hey, free loot.

As I went to open the chest, a smell of death -- and, oddly enough, perfume? -- hit my nose. The chest then finished opening on its own to reveal to me a woman inside. So it seems I have stumbled onto the disguising creature known as a mimic. The young woman seemed pleased to meet me and introduced herself as Tresha, which is quite the fitting name there.

Tresha is a very attractive being, which makes sense as she’s likely the lure. Of course I remind myself not to fall for her womanly wiles (not yet at least). Her yellow eyes and... Other assets, definitely make it hard to resist though. Although what does help remind me not to fall for her is her tail. And by tail I mean her monster half. And by that I mean the chest. Yes surprisingly Tresha and the treasure chest are two different entities with their own thoughts and wants. The monster wanted to eat people, and Tresha wanted to “eat” people. Clearly, Tresha was a very lustful and seductive creature. Not that I minded at all of course.

She apologized for her tail’s rude behavior and tried to keep me hanging around in a seductive way. She explained that it gets lonely in a dungeon like this without anyone to properly talk to. Honestly I can get that, as while I do get to meet new monster girls I am doing this all alone. So of course I decided to sit for a bit and get to know her for my research.

I asked her how she and her species worked, how they eat and digest, what forms they can take, etc. ect. She couldn't exactly give me all the information I wanted which is understandable, but for the most part I learned more about how she’s connected to the chest. While they are of two different minds, they do share the connection, as mentioned, via being the tail itself. As for how other mimics work, they could apparently take the forms of chests, art pieces, doors, and even a house if they could. Although it seems to be that whatever the mimic bonds themselves to first, they stay formed like this forever. So in some weird way they are like barnacles. Strange, but still very attractive.

As we talked, Tresha seemed to be trying to lure me in again, promising riches if I followed her in. Of course I slightly noticed the chest salivating a bit. Man it's so weird to use the word chest when writing about mimics. But I told her that I wasn’t after her riches though and somehow managed to keep myself from being tempted in. Again most likely due to the smell of past victims that were unlucky to be digested.

She tried to assure me that her monster half doesn’t digest all who go in, as if knowing that this was a major concern. I kept refusing. She seemed to feel rejected almost, which I was surprised and saddened to see her so upset. Guess it’s rare for her to be told no by people.

I explained that I wasn’t after gold or anything like that and the monster side wasn’t the problem. But I could tell my presence was upsetting her monster half since I was talking to her rather than being used for feeding. I of course reassured her that she was so beautiful and that she deserves so much more in life. And that she doesn’t need to lure people in, as her lovely personality was all that was needed. She seemed shocked while the chest groaned in some sort of disgust. She seemed to cry for a moment, which made me panic and try to calm her. But As I got close to help, she suddenly kissed me. I was in complete shock but I couldn’t help but kiss her back. Before I knew it, she ended up pulling me into the chest, which closed up, locking me in with the lovely Tresha.

... Not sure how long it’s been since being locked in, but I finally managed to get the chest’s mouth to open. I was finally out. Though I was also naked, covered in kisses, sweat, saliva (likely from both Tresha and the chest) and some burns from what I imagine was the stomach acids failing to digest me.

Tresha soon followed and was back to her seductive attitude. She was even kind enough to give me some gold that she collected from some digested adventurers. Not completely sure how to feel about it, but hey, free coins. I of course thanked Tresha for the lovely time, which was responded with another deep kiss and telling me the feeling was mutual. Even her monster half gave me a lick feeling sad I was leaving, though perhaps it wanted one more taste of me. Still, I set off for my next adventure, not knowing what I would deal with next. I’m sure though that the next girl wont be one that will likely eat me... right?


  • Monster Type: Oni
  • Habitat: Forest
Open Diary Entry

My adventure has led me to the forests up in the mountains, right behind a decently sized village. As I went through, I couldn’t help but feel an eeriness, as if I was being watched. It felt different from the fairy or the arachne... It was like I was being hunted down by something... or someone.

Just then, a slash nearly hit me! I barely managed to avoid taking the hit, but the tree next to me was not so lucky! I began to run the hell out of the forest as if my life depended on it! Which it does! Very much so! But as I ran, I couldn’t help but hear heavy footsteps behind me, the hunter closing me onto my location.

Before I could even see the exit, the being lept high up in the air and landed right in front of me! She rose up and revealed herself to be 8 feet tall! Almost as big as a Goddamn bear! On one hand, I was terrified for my life as I felt that I would be slain... On the other, I was strangely aroused. Before I could use my very real and expert defense moves, the hunter seemed to have been surprised as they lowered their sword and removed their mask to reveal a very gorgeous oni. Realizing I was being chased by a female hunter such as this rare breed of monster, I can definitely see she has blossomed into a woman beautifully.

Soon after she began to apologize in a bit of a casual way as if her chasing me was a mere misunderstanding as she believed I was possibly a male oni hunting her down, she surprisingly gave me some jerky that she prepared herself. She had to assure me it wasn’t human meat since that was a common diet for carnivorous creatures like her. And honestly, it was really good jerky.

She introduced herself as Nali, the albino Oni of the forest. I was very confused when she said that, seeing as albinos are extremely pale, white haired and red eyed. However, oni skins are unique compared to humans, as their skins usually stay a certain color, the major sign of this condition being her white hair and spots on her skin. I mean it’s kind of cute to be honest.

I asked her why she chased me if she wasn’t going to eat me, to which the response was rather... intriguing. Apparently, she has a decent relationship with the villagers. In fact, the relationship is quite symbiotic with humans, as she seems to see us more as pets than food. I felt kind of offended, but there’s something about her dominant nature that I couldn’t help but feel ok with.

As she talked about her... Relations with people, I noticed her horns grew darker and darker. She breathed heavier and her eyes seemed hungry, even the third one! It seems she was in heat and the darker the shade, the stronger the heat is! I offered to help relieve some of this stress, which led to her immediately picking me up like I was a small cat and took me to her cozy little hut.

I won't go into too much detail as to how she treated me, but I will say that thanks to her genetics and power alone, it makes her a bit dominant with her partners. She would occasionally let me be the dominant partner, and she was very generous and careful with a smaller partner at least.

The next day was very nice yet sore as I had lots of um, let's just say bruises of passion. Extremely worth it. Though she wouldn’t let me go as she was still in a deep sleep, definitely treating us humans as pets. I managed to slip out somehow after tickling her a little... then her third eye opened. Was a little awkward, honestly.

Luckily after our chat, she understood that I had to move on with my journey as she would like for humans to learn that not all monsters are dangerous savages. She gave me a massive hug which cracked my back a bit, it felt rather nice. She was even kind enough to lead me to the village so I can resupply, thus being greeted by friendly faces who definitely accepted Nali in without fear. It makes me happy to see people actually treating monsters as actual people rather than killers that everyone thinks they are.

Cobalt, Sapphire & Azure

  • Monster Type: Slime
  • Habitat: Dungeons
Open Diary Entry

It's been just a few hours, but I already miss Lilly. But as an adventurer I had to move on. So I continued on determined... And as I took my next step, I heard a large crack. The earth opened under my feet, and I fell into a large hole. It took me a moment to regain my consciousness, but I woke up and took in my surroundings. And it seems I found a forgotten dungeon. A surprisingly clean one. This is not good. I might as well move on and try to find a way out of this place.

As I traveled deeper and deeper into the dungeon catacombs, and my hopes of finding an escape slowly waned, I ended up stepping in some strange liquid substance unknown to me. Little did I realize that these were actually slimes! I only found out after they began to shape and morph right from under my foot. Guess I woke them up. And what they formed was... A little surprising. The slime formed into three beautiful women, all with distinct personalities. Much different than what most adventurers say about slimes.

The first girl is Azure, the youngest of the group. She is very loud and aggressive, and of course likes to collect bones... Wonder what she thinks of man bones? Next up is Cobalt, the middle slime. She is very shy and silent, as she doesn’t say much to strangers, which I can’t blame her for. She also likes to collect shiny things, especially shiny coins. And finally there's Sapphire, the oldest and original form of the trio. Unlike the other slime girls, rather than collecting physical objects, she prefers information on the outside world, though feels she gets little of seeing how either adventurers die here for various reasons or run out in fear for their lives.

I was at first defensive, but I quickly realized that they were not seeing me as a threat. I decided to rest here for a while since Sapphire’s curiosity seemed to keep me safe from being consumed, not that they seemed hostile to begin with. They seem to merely wander the area in search of food and other nutrients in the area. As they do, they surprisingly manage to clean up various surfaces. Very helpful, no wonder the dungeon seems super clean! Their sticky bodies also tend to pick up any treasures, weapons and um, bones, left behind. It's fascinating to see them digest their catches... And slightly disturbing. Any extra nourishments seem to go to their feet once they get their nutrients. And while slimes can dissolve any organic object, they can do so at any speed, thus allowing them to be able to enjoy the nutrients as needed. And if they get to a certain surplus, another slime girl will form.

As I studied them, Sapphire asked me lots of questions as well, as she of course wanted an update on the outside world. I just answered honestly that humanity is still as strange as usual. And of course told her how I plan to study monsters to show the world we can live in unison. Sapphire wanted to see my progress, to which the only one I had research on was the arachnid. Before I could get a chance to put my book away, Azure swiped my book away and passed it to her sister with a mischievous grin. It seems to pay to be the aggressive one.

Sapphire gratefully read my Arachnid notes, which turned to a normal look, to a blushing reaction of embarrassment at the parts of our... ehem, relations. When Cobalt asked in her shy expression, Sapphire tried to keep her sister from feeling the same embarrassment. But Azure soon found out what her eldest sister read and soon blabbed to her, causing the middle slime to go from blue to purple. Took m a second to realize that was the slime's way of blushing.

The girls looked at me, which I felt extremely embarrassed about. I panned to make a run for it to save myself the scolding. But to my surprise, Sapphire grabbed my arm and pulled me close. She was explaining that she was curious about human touch. She then started to wrap her arms around me and started to kiss me. Azure yelled at Sapphire and told her to share! Even Cobalt was feeling upset and jealous, but was a bit more timid about it. Still, the trio decided to embrace me, causing slime to splash around the area. Don’t expect me to say anything other than slime here!

Speaking of which, I was covered in slime the next day. So somehow I felt so dirty, in the best ways, yet extremely clean. Cobalt was super kind to give me some gold whenever I needed supplies. I thanked the girls for everything, to which they thanked me in return for all the "experience" I gave them. They guided me to the exit of the dungeon, and after a sticky hug, I resumed my journey.

So now it’s clear that even a scary looking place can house very lovely treasures. Best dungeon ever!


  • Monster Type: Sphinx
  • Habitat: Desert
Open Diary Entry

The desert sands are home to plenty of creatures. Snakes, lizards, hunchback horses some locals call “Cam-aalls”, and a few prickly trees. Although it’s baffling how that's possible seeing how hot this place is!

I heard that there other things that were "hot" around here, if you know what I mean. But now I was wandering the hot sands looking for something to quench my thirst. But it felt like I’ve been out here for days! I feared that I'd dry down to the bone before I could find anything to quench my thirst.

But then, I saw it: a small oasis! At least I was hoping my eyes weren't playing tricks on me. But as I approached it, sure enough, it was indeed real! Thank the Gods, I could finally rehydrate! I started drinking and drinking like there was no tomorrow. That’s when I heard a voice say: “Thirsty, are we?”

I pulled my head out of the water to see a feline creature with majestic wings that shine in the sun. The intelligent and majestic creature of riddles. The Sphinx.

I apologized for intruding and explained how I had been out here for what felt like days. She simply shrugged it off and just wandered a bit to do her own thing. I’m surprised she can handle the sunrays, but it seems her fur allows her to absorbs the heat. Plus her wings look delightful in the light.

I tried talking to her, but she didn’t seem to respond. In fact she seemed to go out of her way to avoid speak to me. But why? Then again, this is to be expected from a feline creature. At this point, however, my research instincts had already kicked in, and needed to find out more about this majestic creature.

“So.” I said casually, “can we talk, or...”

“Fine,” She finally said, annoyed, even though I didn't think I was bothering her. “I will allow you to speak to me if you answer my riddle.”

I of course figured I had nothing to lose, so I accepted her challenge. Her riddle went as such: “Stiff is my spine and my body is pale, but I'm always ready to tell a tale. What am I?”

Seems she gave me a decent riddle. I paced and thought about what the answer could be, but for some reason the answer slipped my mind. She of course looked at me with a smirk, her catty personality clearly enjoying my struggles.

Since I was here thinking, I figured I’d go ahead and start on some light reading. I bought some mystery books from a shop a bit before coming out here. As I started reading, a bit of shade suddenly appeared above me. Seems Etoh wanted to see what I was reading. I was surprised by her sudden interest, but it does make sense seeing how she likes riddles.

I told her that this book is about a vampire accused of murder, and so he must solve it before the villagers find and execute him. The title: Fangs a Lot. She became much more talkative and wanted to read the book to talk about it. Seems I found common ground with her.

That's when it hit me. The pale pages. The spine. The story. I knew the answer. She seemed shocked by my enthusiasm as I gave my answer.

“The answer is: a book!”

“So you figured it out, adventurer.” She said in a seductive tone, “But as you can see, we’ve been already talking for some time..."

She’s right. But hey, at least I got it. She gave me a seductive look and crawled up to me.

“Well seeing as you kept me entertained, and you did answer my riddle, I suppose you deserve a reward.” She then kissed me and pushed me to the sand with her on top of me.

After hours of some sandy cuddling, it’s no surprise I have sunburn. But thankfully Etoh was kind enough to help me reach the edge of the desert, using her wings as shade. Once I was about to leave the desert, she wished me luck and flew back to the desert sands. Speaking of sand, I got a lot of it stuck in my pants after that encounter. Annoying, but worth it.


  • Monster Type: Succubus
  • Habitat: Your Dreams
Open Diary Entry

She first appeared in my dreams. Fleeting, leaving me wanting for more. Thoughts of her disrupted my daily routines, invaded the forefront of my mind, and distracted me from all my duties. Each night I lay in bed dreaming of a beautiful crimson figure and each day I long to touch her. I had to find out who she was; what she was.

After a week of searching I found my answer in the sorcerer's guild. A magic sigil was all that was needed to bring her into the world. They warned me though, that summoning her could cost me my soul. A fair price to satiate my desire. I left the guild and hastily returned to my room. I quickly dragged the furniture to the corners, inscribed the sigil on the floor and set the candles. I spoke the incantation and sat there waiting. Nothing at first, then suddenly the sigil began to glow red and one by one each candle ignited. Magic energy sparked across the floor and red light danced out of the sigil, growing more brilliant each second. A warm gust of air filled the room and suddenly darkness. In an instant the magical performance in front of me ceased! I wondered what I had done wrong, was I not worthy!? Did I draw the sigil wrong!? These thoughts and worries consumed my mind until suddenly I noticed a dim light behind me followed by a voice.

“Finally.” Her sultry voice echoed in the room. I felt tears well up in my eyes. I wanted to meet her so badly and finally she was here.

I felt a nervous pit in my stomach. As I turned my head I saw her sitting on the bed behind me. Her form was something to behold, average height but exceptionally beautiful. Her skin was a flawless crimson shade,.Her eyes glowed red on black sclera, fearsome yet inviting at the same time. Long jet black hair flowed to the ends of the bed and at the top she was adorned with two black horns. Horns, tail and wings, there was no doubting she was a demon.

She sat relaxed and completely exposed. Her confident presence made me feel like a visitor in my own room.

“Who... who are you?”

“You humans are always so attached to introductions.Anyway my name is...” She paused and thought for a moment.

“Well you can call me Scarlet."

The succubus refused to give her true name and instead created the moniker Scarlet to hide her identity. According to what I've heard, knowing a demon's true name will give you some kind of power over them. A power I wish I had for I had no idea what was to come next. She patted an empty space on the bed next to her.

“Come,” she commanded with a fanged smile.I hadn't noticed it before, but as I approached I saw three faintly glowing orbs circling her. In the center of each orb was what appeared to be a hot white skull. Scarlet shooed them off like flies. Flicking her hand at them until they dispersed back in the darkness.

“Past lovers.” She shrugged.

“Sometimes the lines between love and lust get crossed. They just can't seem to get over me, not even in death. Now you won’t end up like them. Well that’s as long as you satisfy me.” She grinned.

She took my hand and pulled me onto the bed with her. Her crimson skin was soft and warm to the touch. Hotter than human skin, making one want for a warm embrace.She pressed her body against mine. Her warm amber scent washed over me like a comforting blanket. It was finally real the fleeting dreams had manifested into reality. She leaned in close pushing her soft breasts against me. I felt my face turn red, too stunned to speak.

“I can taste your lust and ohh it's delicious” Her finger traced my lips

“You see it's not your soul I'm after, it's your desire, your passion, that hot feeling in your face.” She leaned in even closer. Only an inch between our faces, her hand brushed against my cheek.

“Do you think you could give me that? Can you fill me with what I need?”

My entire body felt as if twisted in a nervous knot. I steeled myself and closed the gap between our faces. Pressing my lips against hers and giving her my answer. Her lips were soft and sweet and I was sure that soon all my desire and longing would be fulfilled. Finally the dreams that had plagued me would come to fruition.


  • Monster Type: Werewolf
  • Habitat: Forest
Open Diary Entry

The full moon is what I like to call the nocturnal sun. For during this time, creatures of the night come out to have their time in the world when all the creatures of the day go find someplace to rest.

Unfortunately, I’m still stuck out here in the forest, since the closest village is still far away from here. So it’s camping time for me. Luckily, thanks to some leftover loot from some of the girls I encountered, I bought myself a very handy camping tent with a complete supply set, so I am set. And hey, the night is actually quite lovely, cause the full moon’s out. So what could go wrong?

A few hours into my sleep, a twig snap suddenly woke me up. Now, I don’t hold weapons, which is probably a mistake when I find myself in something like this. So I decided to improvise: improvised and held my pencil at the ready until I could get something stronger. Not that there are many things out here that could harm what I’m up against.

As I stepped out of my tent, I was prepared to face off against whatever was out here. I saw... Nothing. Perhaps it was my imagination. That’s what I thought anyway before she appeared. A creature of floof, sharp claws, bloody fangs, and eyes that glowed with blue and red; a mighty wolf. Again, so I thought. For this creature began to stand on their hind legs, to reveal a surprisingly womanly figure. Egads! A werewolf!

I’ll be honest, I screamed like hell feeling like I was about to be ripped to shreds, but instead I opened an eye to see her looking at me strangely, perhaps a bit annoyed.

“The hell you yelling about?!” She asked aggressively. She then got up close to me as if to claim dominance over me. Clearly she’s an alpha. “You picking a fight or something?!”

I couldn’t respond as I was trying to calm myself down. She just sighed and sat back down for a second. She seemed to be painting a bit. I tried to ask her what was wrong, but she tried acting tough and claimed that she was fine, just hot is all. While my mind definitely agreed that she was “hot”, I think she’s literally hot seeing how canines sweat through their tongues.

She seemed to be having something going on as she panted more and more, feeling hotter and hotter. Something’s definitely not right, I mean you could fill several water pouches of her saliva... or sweat.

Soon enough she had a face of realization. She looked at the ground, which my morbid curiosity told me to look at what caught her attention. It was a small flower that I recognized only blooming in spring. That’s when I realized that she’s in heat!

She seemed heavily annoyed because apparently there were no males close by to mate with. Honestly I’m surprised she hasn’t torn into me yet with how aggressive she is. And yet she seemed to have a sort of pain, like an itch she couldn't get.

I timidly told her that if she needed it, I could help her with her mating needs. She seemed surprised, and I thought she would tear my face off. I just explained that I couldn’t see her in pain and that she needed relief, but before I could finish my sentence, she pounced onto me like an excited dog, crashing us right into the tent.

After the mating ritual, she and I laid in the shredded tent acting as a blanket to our naked bodies... There goes thirty gold coins I’ll never see again. And yet it was worth it to lay with the now satisfied werewolf, which made me glad... Even though she has quite the snore. Now let's hope these love bites don’t go and turn me.


  • Monster Type: Zombie
  • Habitat: Beach/Shore
Open Diary Entry

As I was wandering the beaches looking for more sea creatures, I ended up tripping over something, or should I say someone, wrapped in seaweed. A woman, to be precise. As soon as I realized they weren’t breathing, I checked their pulse... Sadly, the poor woman was dead.

I mourned the sad end of the girl with a low head, only to be interrupted by a groan and the girl suddenly moving at my feet.

The girl was alive! Well, sort of.

See, she just so happened to be a zombie. I didn't notice at first since I checked from behind, but soon came to find out when I saw her milky eyes -- big eyes you could easily drown in -- alongside the huge hole that happened to be on her cheek. She stumbled towards me: surprised, I tripped, and she was quickly over me. I thought I was a goner and would be next on her menu. But then, why was she hugging me? Dead or not, she seemed more interested in my body heat than my brains.

Now there are two ways zombies are "born" and that's either through necromancy or being bitten by another zombie. Strangely enough though, she seemed to have been brought back through necromancy, yet had a bite mark on her leg. Though the bite might have been some roleplay that she was into, not that I'm one to judge.

I noticed stitches all over her body, which suggested that someone tried to fix her up, though not sure to what extent. Still not sure whether the stains on her clothes were dirt or blood. She does seem to enjoy the water, or is at least content and docile when in or near the water. Perhaps she was a common beachgoer in life... That would explain her bikini top.

Watching her, I've noticed she seems to have a peculiar diet. While she didn't try to eat me, she definitely had chased down some unsuspecting beach goers. Some manage to get away unharmed, others... Not so lucky. The human skulls and bones emerging from the sand, bleached white by the water, were a telltale sign of that. But if she had no people to chase down, she seemed to manage well enough with eating the local sea life. Proof of this were the countless amounts of fish that were somehow never completely eaten, which helped attract seagulls for her to try to catch and eat. She proved to be a bit more methodical and mentally stable than most zombies, as she wouldn't be able to sustain her stiff body without at least some mental sharpness. Well, she was trying, at least. Now if only she'd stop nibbling on my neck for a moment...

It's definitely one of the oddest encounters I had. Romance and death don't seem to go hand in hand, but that doesn't mean that zombies don't deserve love as well. And to be honest, while her skin was stone cold, her affection was incredibly warm.

I spent an evening in her company, listening to the relaxing sound of the waves on the shore. When I left, she didn't turn to say goodbye: it was as if she had already forgotten me, her sight lost in the distance in the dark water, as if looking for something she had lost in there a long time ago.

Closing Words

This is just but a taste of the adventures and ladies that I was lucky to experience in my long time as an adventurer. It's a hard job, and I'm both surprised and grateful that I still have all of my limbs intact, but every new entry in this diary puts up for weeks of grumbling bellies, hurtful feet and exhausted hearts. Every new page is a piece of this magical world finding its home between these two leather bound covers.

My dear reader, the journey is not over yet! Lots of weird and curious encounters still linger in the back of my mind like shadows of a magical past, and the time and patience required to filter them all through the tip of my lead is the only thing preventing me from adding more. Only the Gods above can tell if I'll be able to show you more of my adventures: but for now, there's only my backpack, my boots, and the world outside, waiting to be discovered.

Thank you for reading!


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