Andrea Montagna

Hi! I'm Andrea and I'm an italian amateur illustrator, writer and game developer. I focus on making involving stories and challenging games.


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girl falling in the void

Fallen Girl
Price: Free
Sacrifice mechanics to progress in this atmospheric pixel art platformer (~ 20min)
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Visual Novels

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			     with long blue hair sitting on the beach
			     at night

One Last Salty Kiss
Price: Free
A kinetic visual novel about supernatural love on the beach (contains nudity) (20.000 words)
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Girl sitting on ground with scary
			     shadow behind her

Creepy Lily
Release Date: TBA
A horror visual novel about depression
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Altitude - A comic about limitations

A Timid Succubus - A cute comic about an unfitting job


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sonia from pokemon sword and shield on the beach with a bikinihimiko toga yandere holding a knife and blushinggirl with long blue hair lying on the beachgirl reading a book on bed by the windowcute white mage girl studying in a dark laboratoryanime girl with a creepy monster pet on a leashscruffy anime girl playing quake 3 on bedtwo girls staring at each other in a romantic way on bedcute girl in white dressGoth girl with katana sitting on the head of a monster


Are you still working on Creepy Lily? The last update is months old...

I am! I never really stopped working on it actually, just took some breaks to take some perspective. I've decided to remain silent about it until I am 100% sure that the script is final. It's been a rocky development but things seem to be falling in place now.

Can I repost your illustrations?

Yes, feel free to! Please mention me as the creator of the illustration and link back to the original image if you do.

Do you take commissions?

Yes! I don't have a price sheet at the moment, so please send me a mail and we'll discuss the price.

Do you do collaborations?

Not at the moment, and not in the foreseeable future, sorry. I have a constantly increasing backlog of projects on top of the ones on which I'm already working, and I would not be able to dedicate another project much time at all.

Do you take free requests?

No, sorry.

Can I draw fanart of your OCs?

Yes! Be sure to mention me so that I can retweet you!

Do you do art trades?

Of course! Send me a mail or DM on Twitter.